4. Dejah Thoris (John Carter from Mars)

11. Gaila (Star Trek)

The new Orion Servant Lady of the amazing Superstar Trip series was the newest prototypical sensuous alien lady. The type sorts of becomes an overhaul during the JJ Abrams's Superstar Trip as Gaila, among James T. Kirk's Starfleet Academy class mates. Played because of the Rachel Nichols, she still has brand new trademark environmentally friendly skin, but that it Orion girl are not a servant.

10. Starfire (DC Comics)

Koriand'r, codename Starfire, is actually an alien princess regarding the planet Tamaran. Fleeing this lady household, she turns out in the world where she suits the newest Teen Titans. Possessing the benefit in order to blast energy, the ability to fly, and you may a tendency to appear from inside the odd red strappy room bikini dresses, Starfire are a zero-brainer with the sexy aliens number.

9. Aayla Secura (Celebrity Wars)

Regardless if she looks simply briefly in the Assault of your Clones and you will Revenge of one's Sith in advance of becoming gunned upon ET's domestic globe (I'm not kidding about that) such as an excellent punk, Aayla Secura (Amy Allen) was an enthusiast favourite profile. This woman is the second Twi'lek about this list although first to help you be able to toss you over the area together attention.

8. Neytiri (Avatar)

The latest Na'vi little princess whom determined so it entire listing is a 10-foot-extreme bluish feline alien throughout the moon Pandora. Read more