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c) Family relations Adaptability and you can Cohesion Evaluation Scale-20Esp.

This tool try a great Language variation of Friends Adaptability and Cohesion Research Scale II (Faces II) , accomplished by ily working. The new Confronts-20Esp is comprised of 20 products, having a great Likert-type level that have scores between 1 (never ever or almost never) so you're able to 5 (almost always). The things was labeled for the two subscales, off 10 factors for each, which measure one or two proportions of relatives operating: flexibility and you can cohesion [step 1,3]. Whilst the Circumplex Design considers both of these proportions due to the fact curvilinear, it questionnaire steps them linearly.

This tool provides obtained highest interior texture indices (Cronbach's leader): .89 when you look at the Cohesion and .87 from inside the Flexibility. The brand new make validity was backed by an excellent confirmatory grounds research you to definitely shown brand new bidimensional design based from the experts. Out of most other validity evidences, it absolutely was unearthed that so it scale is congruently of almost every other tools you to definitely measure associated constructs, such as the Relatives Environment Scale. In the current analysis, highest inner texture indicator was received (Cronbach's alpha): Cohesion = .ninety five, and you will Adaptability = .91.

d) State-Characteristic Anxiety Directory.

The official-Trait Nervousness Inventory (STAI), created by Spielberger mais aussi al. , might have been adjusted in order to Spanish because of the Seisdedos . Read more